How the FPA is organized

1. Form

The FPA is an international association with non-profit aim (AISBL) named: “The FreeCAD project association”. This association is ruled by Part III, Book 10 of the Code of Societies and Associations under the Belgian law. It is created for an undefined duration.

2. location

The FPA operates a virtual organization but the legal seat is located in the judiciary region of Brussels, Belgium.

Membership Bodies

General Assembly

The general assembly collectively has the entirety of the powers to fullfill the purpose of the association. It is made of all members of this association.

It has competence for, but not limited to, the following points:

Members of the GA will vote every time such vote is tendered. Societies will be represented by the persons who are authorised to do so.

Administrative Body

The administrative body is made of the chairperson, plus one or more other members designated by the chairperson and approved by vote of the general management body.

Members of the administrative handle the day-to-day administrative tasks including:

Inactive Members

Inactive members are members who were approved by a membership vote but have not recently participated in votes, meetings, or other FPA activities. Members are shifted to Inactive status either by directly requesting such a status change or through a reconfirmation. Inactive members are not counted toward a vote quorum.

Inactive members can become active again by notifying a member of the administrative team. No additional vote is required.