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The FreeCAD Project association (FPA) is an international non-profit association created by FreeCAD administrators and core developers in November 2021 and seated in Belgium. Its goal is to support and protect the FreeCAD project.


The FreeCAD Project Association is composed of ordinary members, who form the general assembly, and an administrative body, formed by the chairperson plus any number of other members elected to it. Meetings and votes of the members happen on a dedicated section of the FreeCAD forum.

Association members


All members can be contacted individually by sending them a private message on the FreeCAD forum. The contact link to each member can be found on the association members list. The administration board can also be contacted via the fpa@freecad.org email address.


The FPA is registered in Belgium as an AISBL with VAT number BE0781867807 and is aimed at organizing donations for the FreeCAD project. We are currently setting up different donation options, check the donations page for options. FreeCAD currently offers the following donation channels:

Tax deduction

The FPA, although it is a non-profit organization, is not a charity organization. People and companies donating to the FPA are therefore not entitled to a tax deduction by Belgian law. Each country, however, has its own rules and laws to decide upon what gives their citizen right to tax reduction or not. You are always advised to consult the laws of your own country.

The FPA can anyway always issue a donation receipt. Mail us with your donation details and we will gladly send you a receipt.