FPA Decisions

A list of decisions taken by vote of the association members and passed by consensus

Initiative Approval Date Private Deliberation
Approve association statutes 2021.09.09 link
Spend EUR 2000 on association setup. 2021.09.09 link
Elect yorik as chairperson of the association. 2021.09.09 link
Add jriegel as an ordinary member. 2022.01.10 link
Add wandererfan as an ordinary member. 2022.01.10 link
Elect sliptonic to the administrative body. 2022.01.24 link
Add a rule setting administrative body members mandate duration to 2 years. 2022.01.24 link
Elect sgrogan to the administrative body. 2022.01.26 link
Creating a new github account for the FPA. 2022.02.11 link
Approve the 2022 budget. 2022.04.05 link
Add rules defining members inactive status. 2022.07.26 link
Add Kunda1 as an ordinary member. 2022.08.31 link
Add uwestoehr as an ordinary member 2022.09.01 link
Add chennes as an ordinary member 2022.09.26 link
Set up a blog and web store 2022.09.26 link
Grant USD 1000 to jnxd for his work on BSpline tools 2022.09.26 link
Give the FPA administrators a USD 100 per occasion spending authority 2022.10.20 link
Elect Chennes to the administrative group 2022.11.15 link
Elect Wandererfan to the administrative group 2022.11.15 link
Approve Join codeberg and make monthly $10 donation 2022.11.15 link
Approve Funding travel for developers attending FOSDEM 2023 2022.11.15 link
Approve Creation of the FPA Development Fund 2022.11.15 link
Grant USD 1000 to Realthunder 2022.11.15 link
Fund original blog content 2022.12.15 link
Pay up to $400 USD/year for blog hosting 2022.12.20 link
Approve funding for a FOSDEM related expenses 2023.02.13 link
Covering of jnxd’s visa expanses 2023.02.22 link
Offer the Thursday restaurant on the FreeCAD day 2023.02.28 link
Approve funding for 1password credential management 2023.03.03 link
Fund FreeCAD Component Library development 2023.03.22 link
Organize a FPA Logo Contest 2023.03.27 link
Travel funding for attending the Vancouver FreeCAD hackathon 2023.05.08 link
Create a Reserve Fund for the FPA 2023.05.25 link
Research best-practices for FOSS grant development 2023.06.11 link
Issue Request for Proposals for Material Improvements 2023.06.29 link
Raise the limit of the FPA Development Fund to 5000 USD 2023.07.10 link
Grant 1200 USD to Adrian Insaurralde for fixing and improving the Conda builds 2023.07.13 link
Approve a maximum of 5000 USD for Vancouver Hackathon 2023 travel grants 2023.07.13 link
Grant 500 USD to bensay to fix Issue 5903 2023.07.24 link
Approve a maximum of 3000 USD for Vancouver Hackathon 2023 non-travel expenses 2023.07.31 link
Grant AgCaliva 600 USD to complete the per-document units feature 2023.08.03 link
Grant Kurt Kremitzki 700 USD GSoC Mentor Summit travel grant in advance of 1200 USD Google reimbursement 2023.09.08 link
Grant Chris Jones 1200 USD for improvements to Homebrew FreeCAD setup 2023.09.12 link
Reconfirm sliptonic to the administrative body 2023.10.18 link
Grant 700 USD/month for one year (total 8400 USD) to Adrian Insaurralde for management, maintenance and packaging support 2023.10.19 link
Grant 2000 USD to Alex Prokoudine to relaunch grant program 2023.10.19 link
Grant 1000 USD to Amulya Paritosh for extension to Component Library 2023.10.31 link
Re-elect Yorik as the FPA chairman for a period of 2 years 2023.11.09 link
Add Shaise as a general FPA member 2023.11.09 link
Allocate 3000 USD to organize the FOSDEM/FreeCAD day 2024 2023.11.17 link
Allocate 6000 USD for travel grant for FreeCAD day 2024 2023.11.17 link
Grant 600 USD / month for concretedog to write on the FreeCAD blog 2023.11.17 link
Allocate 5000 USD for UI/UX training 2023.11.17 link
Grant 5000 USD as honorarium for board chairperson 2023.11.17 link
Grant 8000 USD to Kurt Kremitzki for improved infrastructure performance and maintenance 2023.11.17 link
Grant 5000 USD to Ajinkya Dahale for curve geometry improvements 2023.11.26 link
Grant 4800 USD to Bradley Mclean for Toponaming merge work 2024.01.22 link
Grant 3400€ (~3694 USD) to Vincenzo Calligaro for Toponaming merge work 2024.01.22 link
Grant 3750 USD from UX funding to Joe Sardo for Cornell UX course 2024.01.25 link