FPA Adopted Rules

The rules below are added to the statutes by member votes and have the same level of validity.

Administrative body mandate duration

Members can be elected to be part of the administrative body anytime, by two thirds of valid member votes. Each individual administrative body member mandate has a duration of two years from the date they are elected. The mandate of administrative body members can be terminated anytime by the member or by a simple majority of valid member votes. Added on 2022.01.24

Call for members to re-confirm

The chair or any other member of the administrative body may call for ALL members of the FPA to re-confirm their intention to participate.

When a reconfirmation is called, the administrative team will make all reasonable efforts to contact every current FPA member and make them aware of the re-confirmation call. A reconfirmation period will last at least 14 days to give members time to respond. Once a reconfirmation has been called, each member must respond to the chairperson, another member of the administrative body, or post publicly to an FPA discussion and state that they wish to remain active. Members who do not respond to the re-confirmation request will be moved to INACTIVE status. Added on 2022.07.26

Inactive members not counted towards minimum vote representation

Members deemed INACTIVE will not count toward establishing a minimum representation to the vote. Added on 2022.07.26

Reactivation of INACTIVE members

Any INACTIVE member in otherwise good standing may reactivate by contacting the chairperson, another member of the administrative body, or posting publicly to an FPA discussion and expressing their desire to reactivate. Added on 2022.07.26