FPA Travel Grants

Travel grants to help FreeCAD developers and community members attend real-world events and meetings

The FreeCAD project association (FPA) is offering travel grants to help developers and community members attend different events where they can meet other developers and users. Grants are intended to help cover travel and hotel expenses and will be awarded based on the following criteria:

The Program

Events covered by this program

Potential Events

The FPA will continue to expand this program. The FPA will authorize travel grant money on a event-by-event basis by a regular vote of the general assembly. The criteria considered generally include:

We welcome suggestions for events that we can consider. Some suggestions that have already been received but not yet autorized include:

Who is Eligible

How can the money be used?

When do I get the money?

It might take some time to process payments. We will do our best to process payments as quickly as possible but grant recipients will pay for their ticket upfront and receive reimbursement.

How to help

Even if you can’t attend, you can help someone else go. Any donation to the FPA labeled or otherwise communicated to the FPA as “travel grant” will increase the total maximum amount to be spent commensurately.

Finally, as money is limited and this is the first time such action is organized, we ask potential applicants to be conscious of others’ financial need, and leave as much as possible the money for those who most need it.

We look forward to meeting you at the next event!

Updated on 2023.12.05