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The FreeCAD Project Association

FPA Development Fund

Grants to accelerate FreeCAD Development

Announcement - FPA Development Fund

The FreeCAD Project Association is pleased to announce the creation of the FPA Development Fund (FPADF). The FPADF offers grants to individuals for contributions to FreeCAD.

Grants are capped at US$1000 and will be awarded only for work on the FreeCAD code base.

The cap may be raised as the FPA gains experience in the awarding of grants and as available funds allow.

Any contributor who wishes to be considered for a grant should submit a proposal in writing to the FPA. The proposal should state clearly how much money is requested and what the contributor intends to create/improve/fix. An estimated timeline with major milestones should be included along with clear completion criteria.

Proposals will be considered by the FPA general body and approved by vote.

The FreeCAD Project Association would like to expand the number and type of grants given. Donations made to the FPA and designated DEVELOPMENT FUND will be used for this purpose.

Grant applications may be forwarded to any member of the FPA for consideration.

added on 2022.08.28

Funded Initiatives

The following is a reverse-chronological-order list of projects funded by the FreeCAD Project Association under the FPADF.

Lei Zheng (@realthunder): Topological Naming Problem Mitigation

Funding approved 15 November 2022.

In recognition of the efforts he has put into FreeCAD, especially the very large time investment he has made in working with the FreeCAD Maintainers to integrate his work on the topological naming problem, Zheng is awarded a grant of 1000 USD.

Ajinkya Dahale (@jnxd): Spline Handling in Sketcher

Funding approved 26 September 2022.

Ajinkya proposed numerous improvements to the spline handling in the sketcher workbench. He raised funds from many members to do this work and has largely completed stage one. The FPA contributed to the second stage which focused on functionality to create more interesting curves not possible by knot position and slopeĀ alone. In recognition of his significant contribution to FreeCAD, Dahale is awarded a grant of 1000 USD.