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The mission of the FreeCAD project association (FPA) is to gather donations and spend that money on behalf of the FreeCAD project and the community. The FPA is not directly responsible for developing FreeCAD. Thst is the job of the community of developers who are working on FreeCAD. At the FPA, we feel our job is to help developers develop. Therefore, it is important to understand the primary goal of the money gathered by the FPA is to help FreeCAD developers. The priority will always be given to existing and active FreeCAD developers.

Therefore, the main funding program developed by the FPA is the Grants program. The grants program allows any FreeCAD developer who feels money could help them to do a better job with FreeCAD to request an amount of money to perform a certain task.

Alongside the Grants program, the FPA also builds specific programs it wants to pursue, and seeks people interested in obtaining a granto to perform it. Below are the current programs we’re seeking interested people for. If you are interested in one of these program, send us an email at . Make sure you read all the requirements below!

Current job offers

Manual update proposal

The FreeCAD project association (FPA) is seeking interested parties to apply for a contractor position to update the FreeCAD manual. The manual consists of 23 chapters that tour the user through basic concepts and different functionalities of FreeCAD. It is hosted on the FreeCAD wiki at

The current manual is obsolete: It contains many parts that reflect an earlier version of the software, and several newer and better workflows are not included. We need to provide a state-of-the-art manual that reflects the bleeding edge version of FreeCAD, so it can become tied with the next stable version.

The work is expected initially to be carried out in a period of two or three months, but something else can be proposed by the candidate. A payment of 2500 USD will be done in several instalments, to be determined by a payment schedule later on.

The tasks to be carried are:


General conditions