How the FPA conducts a vote

The voting process is designed to achieve three purposes:

  1. To concisely and formally describe what is being proposed
  2. To facilitate discussion around the proposal
  3. To allow members to formally offer their opinion in the form of a cast vote

This process is challenging because of the asynchronous functioning of the FPA. Not all members are available at the same time to take a voice poll.

In general, all votes follow the same pattern:

Creating the Vote

Any member of the FPA may propose a vote. This is done in the form of a forum post to the FreeCAD Project Association subsection of the forum.

Vote topics MUST have the following:

Addressing Comments and Feedback

The poll will run until it is either approved, defeated, or retracted by the submitter.

Replies to the topic will allow FPA members to offer feedback, ask questions, and suggest improvements.

The submitter should moderate the topic. Suggestions that are adopted should be reflected by editing the first post.

People who have voted MAY change their vote based on updates to the first post description. e.g. someone votes ‘no’ initially but changes the vote later because the objectionable elements have been changed.

If the text of the first post is changed, the vote MUST NOT be closed for at least 7 days to give people time to re-vote.

Does the vote pass or fail?

There are two criteria that must be met for a vote to pass:

In cases where the options are incremental (rather than mutually exclusive) the vote will pass at the lowest common value that achieves success.

Example: Mutually-exclusive options

The vote is to do one of three things (9 active members): Options are:

Result: no decision, voting must continue until a majority of voters choose one one of the options, or the poll is retracted.

Example: Incremental options

The vote is to spend an amount of money. (9 active members, 8 voting) Options are:

This would pass at $20 because the people voting $20 and $30 are a majority and agree on at least $20.

Closing the Vote

When the vote has either achieved consensus and passed or been defeated, the person who submitted it, or an admin member SHOULD close the vote.